About us


REAP Solutions is comprised of B-BBEE experts who partner with entities to provide sustainable transformation solutions. Our approach entails aligning an organisation’s transformation plans with its business strategy whiles considering its core values throughout the process of planning until measurement. The team is comprised of key individuals each holding at least six years’ experience in transformation including financial accounting/management, taxation, human resources, training and sales.
We provide the following specialised solutions

➢ B-BBEE strategy development
➢ Advisory services on ownership transactions
➢ Ownership analysis
➢ Recruitment and succession planning
➢ Skills Planning and Implementation
➢ Enterprise and Supplier Development solutions

REAP Solutions has recognised the importance of educating the market on the necessity of transforming our economy and therefore creating a positive environment for all citizens. This has resulted in us designing and offering the following educational/ training programs

➢ Understanding the B-BBEE Codes
➢ Enterprise and Supplier Development Sessions
➢ Transformation/ Corporate Identity