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REAP Solutions is comprised of B-BBEE experts who partner with entities to provide sustainable transformation solutions. Our approach entails aligning an organisation’s transformation plans with its business strategy whiles considering its core values throughout the process of planning until measurement. The team is comprised of key individuals each holding at least six years’ experience in transformation including financial accounting/management, taxation, human resources, training and sales

We provide the following specialised solutions:

B-BBEE strategy development

Ownership analysis

Skills Planning and Implementation

Advisory services on ownership transactions

Recruitment and succession planning

Enterprise and Supplier Development solutions

B-BBEE experts

REAP Solutions has recognised the importance of educating the market on the necessity of transforming our economy and therefore creating a positive environment for all citizens. This has resulted in us designing and offering the following educational/ training programs

Understanding the B-BBEE Codes

Enterprise and Supplier Development Sessions


Transformation/ Corporate Identity

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Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is a key factor to the successful functioning of any entity within South Africa and impacts on the overall operations of the business from core to support functions. The amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice which were gazetted in October 2013 have now become effective and this introduces new milestones and requirements in achieving a transformed economy. REAP Solutions can assist entities in understanding and embracing the amended Codes therefore making it possible for them to implement solutions that are profitable for their businesses.


BEE Gap Analysis

Scenario Planning

BEE Strategy

Monitoring and Tracking

Skills development

Strategic Ownership advisory

Employment Equity Solutions

Skills Development Solutions

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Procurement solutions

ESD/SED facilitation

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